Plastic injection
Mold presentation

Plastic injection

We are positioned on technical quality components, service and respect of delivery leadtime.
We are accepting molding lots of small quantities, starting from 250 parts

Processed materials

We are working with the whole family of thermoplastic polymères:
PE, PP, PVC, ABS, Bayblend, PA6, PA66, PEI, PPS, PEEK,
we are aslo working on thermosetting materials such as:
Phenoliques, Diallyl phthalate, Epoxy

Mold presentation
Mold presentation


Over molding of small inserts are done on our presses who can be overbalanced to vertical

Mold presentation

We have the scilled operators having the capacity of the precise deburring and finnishing of parts for quality and aspect parts.

Mold presentation

We have a special product assembly shop. This structure is shared with the Pasman company who has as first specialism mecanical and micro mecanical assembly.

Maintenance / Repair / storage
Production presentation

Park machine

We have a parc of plastic injection machines starting from 25 tons up to 150 tons, maximum shot volume is 350 cm3.
We have also capacity to handle SMOP molds (small SMOP and Big SMOP) and we are equiped to handle KAP molds